Monday, April 28, 2008

Network Partnership photoshoot with New Design! Our photographers came to Mtume's music production class and took these great portraits...

The photographers of MS 131 travelled from Flatbush to the LES (lower east side) to New Design High School to take portraits of the rappers, music producers, and hip hop creators in Mtume Gant's music production class. We took photos on the infamous rooftop filled with graffitti and street art. We had a blast and took some great images that the New Designer's can hopefully use for an album cover, flier, poster, etc. These photos were taken by many different people: Destiny, Jackie, Patrice, Shantel, and Nathanielle. Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



I believe my neighborhood is changing in many distinctive ways. I think that most of the change is very good for my community and the people who have the community as part of their lives. I see from my perspective new faces and evolution in my community. Things are being paid attention to that weren't a couple years ago. Brooklyn to me, is getting a makeover that shows maturity in our fellow neighbors. Say for instance the parade ground playground right across the street from Prospect Park in my area, it use to be dangerous and thugs in front of all the entrances of the play ground. It was a playground for children but hardly any child would be there after 5:00 on a summer afternoon. Our community started to realize that there was a need for change and it happened. Nowadays the park is filled with shrills of laughter from little children that come from school and parents sitting comfortably on benches chatting away with friends or watching the little ones enjoy their childhood. This to me was a good change in Brooklyn. I believe this was one big step to changing the face of Brooklyn.
I'm a very random person you'd ever meet. I love seeing new things in real life and changing it into something you didn't see before. I am from Brooklyn. I am fourteen years young. I am very open minded and free spirited. I am not a stranger to trying out new things. This is actually my first year of doing photography. I love everything about photography. My goals in photography are to become better at it and make people see something they wouldn't usually see. My favorite thing about photography is seeing and showing different things in a new light.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Photo and Artist Statement by Denaya Banks


In my opinion I think my neighborhood is changing because more people are moving back to Brooklyn. When people say that things change they mean that things are becoming different. Some things change when people get older. People change when their birthdays come and they turn another age.

Some things that have changed from when I was little are that I see more beautiful things that I couldn’t see when I was younger. I’m from America but my family seed was originally from North Carolina. I’m 13 years old, and I’ve studied photography for 2 years. I like photography because you can learn something about nature while you take pictures. My goals are to be recognized as one of the best photographers. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I can get better as I go on. What I love about being a photographer is that I always will have something I’m good at.

WE HAVE ENTERED THIS CONTEST!!! The following students have submitted photos: Denaya Banks, Albrina Mendes, Angeneris Cifuentes and Jackie Goneze

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ten of our students and a staff member came out to represent MS 2 at the LICHS photo show, organized by Working Playground. It was an exciting event which brought together two other photography classes to share their work and stories. For many it was the first time showing their work to big audience. Here are some reflections and photos from our journey to Astoria!

Angeneris Cifuentes: "Well, going to LICHS, has changed me. I was very nervous to show my work, but now I see that it was nothing to be afraid of. Showing my work is a good thing, not bad at all. I liked the photo of a girl whose face reflected on the silver ornament."

Monday, January 14, 2008


We took a fabulous trip to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan (the first time for all of my students!) and saw some amazing photography. We saw works by Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus, Gary Winogrand, Edweard Muybridge, Vik Muniz and others. Here are some reflections and images from our trip:

Photos by Jackie Goneze, Patrice Thierens

Angeneris Cifuentes:
"Our trip to the Museum of Modern Art was a great experience to all of us. We had a lot of fun. At first, we saw a very nice piece of artwork, which was a wiggly, imbalanced ladder. It was a very interesting piece, by Martin Puryear. Then we saw another piece of artwork which was a huge wheel. It was way bigger than me. After we finally came to the photography exhibit, and we examined all the different types of pictures we saw one of the artists, who takes pictures of his wife’s hands, is named Alfred Stieglitz, we saw a few of his pieces . After all, we all had a lot of fun and it was a very exiting experience."

Denaya Banks:
"When I went to my trip to MoMA I saw many christmas lights covering the lights out side the restaurants. My favorite part of the trip was the train ride because on the train we got to eat & chat with our friends, we also played a lot of fun games.
The best work I saw was the picture by Vik Muniz that was made of garbage. I was inspired by it, and I tried to do one on my own."