Monday, December 10, 2007


Behold! The latest from our young photographers as they venture out into their community.

Photos by Jackie Gonzalez (2), Destiny Villaverde (2), Angeneris Cifuentes.

Monday, October 22, 2007


These are a few photos taken during class by different students. Some are examples of exploring light. How does indoor light using studio lamps differ from outdoor light? Some are explorations of composition and point of view. What is a worm's eye view? (image taken from below). What is a bird's eye view? (image taken from above). How does that affect the photographic message? Also, how can an image be framed in an interesting way? Students were also introduced the concept of the rule of thirds (which they renamed the "third rule.") See if you can anwer these questions yourself as you look at our gallery-in-process! Enjoy!

Photographs are by: Essence (2), Albrina, Asma, Jackie (2), Frantzia and Angie, repectively.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Asma Said, age 14: im a very creative writer and a kind person. I would like to capture a persons emotion through my photography.

Tanya Plummer, age 13: What I would like to learn is how to take pictures of things in action.

Jackie Goneze, age 14: I am an artist in training. I love life and the creativity of it. Photography is an opportunity for me. We have a great teacher, Ms. Maya Erdelyi. I hope I learn almost everything there is to learn about photography.

Patrice Thierens, age 13: I would like to learn how to take photos correctly. I would love to photograph the different places in the world.

Destiny Villaverde, age: 14: I'm a crazy funny girl who loves to look at Art and also loves to draw too. I would love to capture the wonders of the world through my photos.

Tiffany Aybar, age 14: I'm very funny, smart, and kind. I look foward to the photo club because I love taking pictures, and I would like to learn more about photos and how to take them. Also I feel as if pictures gives life another meaning. Pictures make me see life with a whole different perspective.

Shantel Shepherd, age 14:I love to write but would love to learn to express myself through photos also.

Albrina Mendes, age 11: My goal is to learn enough to be sucessful in life.

Asma Said, age 13: My goal is to capture peoples emotion through my photos.

Leena Andino, age 12: My goals for this year are to learn everything that I can about photography. For example, I can learn about shots I can take so I can be the best photographer I can be.

Denaya Banks, age 12: My goals for this year are to take good pictures and be recognized as the best young photographer I can be.

Kesiann Toussaint, age 11: My goals for this year are to take wonderful pictures and be in one.

Maryanne Jennings, age 10: My goals for photography are to take good good pictures so I can achieve success in photography.

Essence Etienne, age 12: My goal is to make pictures like an artist and have everyone say,"Wow! She's such an artist! And at such a young age!" I don't want it to be perfect,I just want it nice.

Frantzia Etienne, age 11: My goal is to take realistic pictures.

Safara Figaro,age 11: My goal in this class is to learn how to take different types of pictures. I would also like learn about different compositions.

Angeneris Cifuentes 11: My goal is to become the best photographer in my class and learn all Ineed to learn to become a great photographer.