Monday, October 15, 2007


Asma Said, age 14: im a very creative writer and a kind person. I would like to capture a persons emotion through my photography.

Tanya Plummer, age 13: What I would like to learn is how to take pictures of things in action.

Jackie Goneze, age 14: I am an artist in training. I love life and the creativity of it. Photography is an opportunity for me. We have a great teacher, Ms. Maya Erdelyi. I hope I learn almost everything there is to learn about photography.

Patrice Thierens, age 13: I would like to learn how to take photos correctly. I would love to photograph the different places in the world.

Destiny Villaverde, age: 14: I'm a crazy funny girl who loves to look at Art and also loves to draw too. I would love to capture the wonders of the world through my photos.

Tiffany Aybar, age 14: I'm very funny, smart, and kind. I look foward to the photo club because I love taking pictures, and I would like to learn more about photos and how to take them. Also I feel as if pictures gives life another meaning. Pictures make me see life with a whole different perspective.

Shantel Shepherd, age 14:I love to write but would love to learn to express myself through photos also.

Albrina Mendes, age 11: My goal is to learn enough to be sucessful in life.

Asma Said, age 13: My goal is to capture peoples emotion through my photos.

Leena Andino, age 12: My goals for this year are to learn everything that I can about photography. For example, I can learn about shots I can take so I can be the best photographer I can be.

Denaya Banks, age 12: My goals for this year are to take good pictures and be recognized as the best young photographer I can be.

Kesiann Toussaint, age 11: My goals for this year are to take wonderful pictures and be in one.

Maryanne Jennings, age 10: My goals for photography are to take good good pictures so I can achieve success in photography.

Essence Etienne, age 12: My goal is to make pictures like an artist and have everyone say,"Wow! She's such an artist! And at such a young age!" I don't want it to be perfect,I just want it nice.

Frantzia Etienne, age 11: My goal is to take realistic pictures.

Safara Figaro,age 11: My goal in this class is to learn how to take different types of pictures. I would also like learn about different compositions.

Angeneris Cifuentes 11: My goal is to become the best photographer in my class and learn all Ineed to learn to become a great photographer.


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